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Six Characters

"Six Characters in Search of an Author" deals with the concept of identity, as the six titular Characters interrupt an acting troupe's rehearsal and present the need for their unique story to be told. As the story unfolds, the audience discovers more and more about the true nature of these Characters, and how they reflect the deeper and darker nature of mankind's fallen condition. Along the way, the audience is presented with questions about the nature of reality and fiction, and the relationship between the two.

While Six Characters is a dark play and Pirandello has no qualms with portraying the grittiness of humanity, there are many valuable things to be considered here. Not only does the play rupture the boundaries between the reader and the story in an artful manner, but it also demonstrates how the family unit suffers when we lose sight of the goal or purpose of it in the first place. Six Characters in Search of an Author is a very unique, eerie, sometimes comedic and undeniably witty theater experience, and is in many ways a morality play with its many valuable lessons.

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